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Not knowing Polish

Obrazek użytkownika skdonnelly

By skdonnelly - Posted on 30 Styczeń 2014


I'm an urban planning student in the US who will graduate this coming May. I am interested in the possibility of finding a job in Warsaw after I graduate, but I do not speak Polish.

Will this be a possibility, or will I have to become fluent before I have a chance of getting a job?


Obrazek użytkownika duh

I think that there would be many problems if you aren't fluent in Polish, because all planning system in our country based on a law which is very complicated and sometimes even we have problems to read of and interpreted the rules. I dont't know how planning system looks i n USA, but I suspect that it's completely different that ours.
Maybe if you rather think about designing public space, residential or something else belong to urban-desig than urban planning, there will be easier. In this case you should looking for a job in architectural studios.
Even you will be fluent in Polish there should be a problem to find a job in Warsaw - there is a big competition between graduated students. Maybe you should interest of smaller Polish cities? We have many beautiful with a rich history towns, where upkeep is lower than in Warsaw. You can find many interested offers there:
Congratulates courage and good luck! Best regards

Obrazek użytkownika Łukasz Grzesiak

Oh "duh", thank you for answer to a question of "skdonnelly" user.

I hope it wasn't a provocation on our forum. I'm not convinced of it ;), but I'd like to be wrong :) It's great to see english in our posts ;) :)

However if not, I wish good luck too! :)


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